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A franchise is a business cooperation agreement in which one party, the franchisor, grants to the other the use of a trademark, under specific conditions, sharing its know-how to operate a successful business model, in exchange for a financial compensation paid by the other party, the franchisee.
The franchise has advantages for the franchisor as the possibility to have more brand presence and outlets, at lower costs to launch its sales.
For the franchisee, a franchise allows to break into the market and get benefits from the reputation of the company and consumer loyalty, because of the brand well positioned.
As always, in any business there are risks, but an appropriate legal and financial projection reduces the risks of the operation.
Our experience in franchises enables us to advise your company, whether you are thinking of franchising your business as well as if you are interested in purchasing a franchise.
Contact us and we will advise.
Photographer: Paul Pasieczny.
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